Association of Spiritual Doctors and Holistic Healers of Canada

Our Beliefs

Natural MedicineThe Association of Spiritual Doctors and Holistic Healers of Canada believes that life is the greatest gift of The All-Mighty and its preservation is the prime responsibility of all creation. Human beings have endeavored to maintain life and to extend it through various methods scientifically. Lots of research and investigative processes have been undertaken to seek ways and means to sustain a healthy life. Today the modern method of treatment called allopathy has made great strides towards seeking new methods of treating disease.

During the past two decades a new approach has been catching popularity in the modern search for fighting disease and sickness. It is an attempt to complement the existing system of treatment. Through spiritual guidance, we seek ways to heal sicknesses specially which are emotional, psychological and the result of social and cultural challenges facing humanity today. Our organization is a genuine attempt to synthesize all major religious belief systems and their guidance in seeking Godís help through his authentic celestial scriptures. Alternative forms of treatment are gaining popularity gradually. Along with homeopathy, allopathy, ayurvedic forms of treatment, traditional medicine, Hekma and the Chinese traditional medicine are all different forms of treatments that have been in vogue for a long time. Healing through spiritualism has been very rarely exercised but has been proven to be effective in providing treatment for various ills: physical, emotional, and mental.

Our organization is in attempt to use the strength of spiritual treatments based on guidance that has been conveyed to the humans through the dictates contained in the holy books of The Bible, The Torah and The Holy Qur’an. The representatives of all three religions have combined their resources to treat diseases and sickness. It is with this view, we are combining the strengths of all these great religions to provide health, happiness and peace to the suffering.

Our Objectives

The goal and mission of our professional association are:

  • The implementation of spiritual healing and to provide health, peace and happiness
  • To develop and provide teaching programs for interested students of spiritual healing
  • To provide legitimate training for practicing healers
  • To provide accurate information and consultation on various ways, forms of spiritual treatments of energies
  • To help the public to understand the importance of spiritual healing
  • To provide thorough research on mental and psychological issues and their effects on society
  • To organize conferences and seminars covering experiments and thoughts concerning health issues and practices
  • To try to help the victims of ignorance and negligence
  • Help to promote a healthy environment for the youth and seniors


Support The Association

If you are interested in supporting our work and would like to contribute, you are welcome to make a small donation through the DONATE LINK on our website - it will be a great help and will surely be appreciated.


Memberships are available but you must meet all qualifications listed on the MEMBERSHIP PAGE and the Member Forum is now online.